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Welcome to HM!

HM- Who will you choose? by Limauu
The group is currently OPEN to new members!

-Spots Open-
Time: 45 Moon: 19 Void: 30 Light: 43

If you're interested in us, stop by our chat room and meet the guests of Hiems Mansion early - we'd love to see you! Intruders are welcome to roleplay in the chatroom to get used to this creepy place~

Hiems Mansion Reference Sheet Application by Bootsii
Instructions: Submit your completed application to your preferred tower folder -- the folders will be open until all slots are filled. If your app is accepted, your tutor will send you a join request~!

Thank you! :evillaugh:



Your Hosts!


Your Tutors!

Lyhn - Time Tower Tutor
Kazu - Moon Tower Tutor
Allison - Void Tower Tutor
Irina - Light Tower Tutor

Tower Totals:

Time: 628
Moon: 7155
Void: 2213
Light: 1766


ChatLigts + RoomsForum


BokuRaC - Kaori: 644 Ligts
Lemon--chan - San: 1535 Ligts
ay4u - Lyhn: 3847 Ligts
Bootsii - Kazu: 7530 Ligts
Limauu - Allison: 6058 Ligts
Zwei-tan - Irina: 1130 Ligts


Lelzzy - Shimokami: 892 Ligts
thatone-kid - Gau: 824 Ligts
BayneezOne - Frank: 648 Ligts
stephaniescarlet - Cazcade: 566 Ligts
TractIss - Elizabeth: 546 Ligts

Ligt Chart

For creepy life submissions, it goes this way.

Per one character
Sketch to lineart 4-7 Ligts
Full drawing 7-15 Ligts
Collaborations get a 1.5x multiplier.
Comic pages would be graded on character number on them.
Backgrounds - The same value as one character
Written entries - 5 ligts per 100 words.

Activity submissions give a 1.5 multiplier!

The ligts given depend on the effort put on each piece, and the overall result and creativity. >8D

Current Activities
More ways you can earn ligts!

Hiems Memes
Flash Games

Ligt Store
Spend your Ligts in the Ligt Store!

- You may gift your ligts to other guests
- You may sell services for ligts

Guest of the Week

look-n-around by Wiliam-C-Roberts_____ GUEST OF THE WEEK _____look-n-around by Wiliam-C-Roberts

Meet Frank!

Frank Hiems Mansion Application by BayneezOne

Species- Toothfairy/Ghoul
Likes- Clean teeth, comics, and healthy food with low amounts of sugar
Dislikes- Sweets, Allison, and loud/obnoxious people
Owner- BayneezOne


Submitting art of the guest featured here will result in a 1.5 multiplier in ligts! The ligt booster only lasts for two weeks after the feature.

Guests are randomly chosen from the four lovely features showcased in each weekly update located under weekly features. Strive to be featured on the journals and you might just be picked! :evillaugh:


These people are the authorities in the mansion, so don't disturb them!! :I









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DeSom-The-Conqueror Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Professional General Artist
I'm gonna rock this mansion.
Bootsii Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
bring it :iconimseriousplz:
Banzaigirl260 Featured By Owner 13 hours ago
Quick question.
What happened to all the hosts in the mansion? It seems to be the tutors alone, running the group. And the owner? I guess she's busy?
Bootsii Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We currently have two hosts and all the tutors at the moment which is actually enough since tutors run their individual towers. Our founder is doing their best to contribute and helped us with the super group redemption but we're faring well even with just the four of us :aww:
Banzaigirl260 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
Ah i see ovo
Was just curious since I haven't seen any hosts in the chatroom-
Well then i hope she's doing alright and keep up the good work you guys vuv
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