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Enjoy your stay~



Your Hosts!


Your Tutors!

Priscilla - Time Tower Tutor
Kazu - Moon Tower Tutor
Jack - Void Tower Tutor
Irina - Light Tower Tutor

Tower Totals:

Time: 6455
Moon: 6437
Void: 7166
Light: 6352


۞ ________Staff Ligts________ ۞


Luky-Yuki - Lucius: 994 Ligts
Leaglem - Aggie: 641 Ligts
Y0uko - Boo: 100 Ligts
FabiLuv - Priscilla: 2079 Ligts
Bootsii - Kazu: 9491 Ligts
VentusOdyssey - Jack: 0 Ligts
Zwei-tan - Irina: 1372 Ligts


۞ ________Top 5________ ۞


Leaglem - Phil: 3241 Ligts
FreeSpiritedGirl - Miu: 1785 Ligts
Rawrs-Bad-Ideas - Rhoslyn: 1607 Ligts
SmoleyFace - Tilde: 1322 Ligts
TractIss - Elizabeth: 1149 Ligts

Ligt Chart

For creepy life submissions, it goes this way:

Per one character
Sketch to line art — 4-7 Ligts
Full body drawing — 7-15 Ligts
Backgrounds — same standards above
Collaborations receive a 1.5x ligt multiplier. For example,
a full body image would yield 23 Ligts per guest (15x1.5)

Written entries — 1 Ligt per 100 words
Roleplay submissions are allowed, so long as they are neat and lengthy. Please include the correct word count per guest!

Activity submissions receive a 1.5x multiplier

Ligts are given depending on the effort for each piece, and the overall result and creativity >8D

Current Activities
More ways you can earn ligts!

Hiems Memes
Flash Games

Ligt Store
Spend your Ligts!

- You may gift your Ligts to other guests
- You may sell services for Ligts


Hiems Mansion Directory

The group is OPEN !
Please consider donating to help us continue being a Super Group!

If you're interested in us, stop by our chatroom and meet the guests of Hiems Mansion early - we'd love to see you! Intruders are welcome to roleplay in the chatroom to get used to this creepy place~

Hiems Mansion RP group Application by Leaglem

Guest of the Week

Guest of the Week

This week's guest is...

HM: Seraphii 2.0 by WittleBanzaiTree

Species - Centipede/Human Hybrid

Likes - Affection, Naps, Food that is cooperative

Dislikes -Drowning, Needles, People touching her antennas

Owner - WittleBanzaiTree


Submitting art of the guest featured here will result in a 1.5 multiplier in ligts! The ligt booster only lasts for two weeks after the feature.

Guests are randomly chosen from the mansion itself! :evillaugh:


:bulletpurple: All the activities in this group are optional. This means that you can choose which activities you wish to do, and which ones you don't. YET, you need to submit at least ONE piece every 3 months to stay in the group. Activity is important.

:bulletpurple: If the event submissions are not good enough, we can and will apply that when we give you the Ligts. This way, you earn more if we see you really put effort on your submissions... or less if we see you did it lazily.

:bulletpurple: The powers of your OCs are useless in many places in the mansion. Don't be surprised if a Ghost can't pass through a wall.

:bulletpurple: Please create a folder for Hiems Mansion in your gallery, this will be helpful!

:bulletpurple: If you see a mistake somewhere the group, please tell us~ (we are humans... possibly >8D)

By joining the group you:

:bulletgreen: Give all the members of the group permission to draw your character :>
That's what this is about, huh?


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AOS1981 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago   Artist
Hey uh, i know i'm banned from the group but when I finish mine is there a chance to affiliate it? 
Leaglem Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hi there! To affiliate a group, we have a few factors to consider. First, the group should be active, meaning that members post regularly and it has a nice, friendly community. Second, the theme should be similar to ours, that is, fantasy, mystery, riddles or even horror!
Third, quality. This doesn't mean art quality, not at all. Instead, it looks into how developed the group's universe is. Does it have descriptions of the places? NPCs? You know, love and dedication put into it.
There you go. Does your group fit the criteria? If so, feel free to send us an affiliation request and we'll evaluate it!

Have a nice day!
AOS1981 Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Artist
Uhh about the friendly community? what do you mean exactly by that?
Leaglem Featured By Owner Edited 21 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I mean exactly that, but let me try to put it into more descriptive words.

A friendly community is one that is united, active, kind towards old and new users, open-minded, eager to partake in group activities and drama free (we cannot always control the interactions among users, but as staff, we sure can influence and keep the group healthy). Most of all, it's a community where you as an individual can feel safe. 

It is also a community that cares about its state, meaning that they check on members regularly and whose staff intervenes in any case of harassment. 

I hope this has clarified the term.
(1 Reply)
AOS1981 Featured By Owner 3 days ago   Artist
Hmm. Well hopefully this group will be active once it's fully completed. Well it's a bit of a mafia or gang theme but there is going to be fantasy and mystery and definitely horror. The universe... well sure there could be good descriptions for the places and yes love and dedication will be put in.

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