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Enjoy your stay~



Your Hosts!


Your Tutors!

Priscilla - Time Tower Tutor
Kazu - Moon Tower Tutor
Dawn - Void Tower Tutor
Seltzer - Light Tower Tutor

Tower Totals:

Time: 5204
Moon: 5479
Void: 4498
Light: 5351


۞ ________Staff Ligts________ ۞


LukyAnC - Lucius: 970 Ligts
Leaglem - Aggie: 287 Ligts
Y0uko - Boo: 100 Ligts
Bootsii - Kazu: 9484 Ligts
EbullientlyAskew - Seltzer: 795 Ligts
PrinceYapi - Dawn: 912 Ligts
FabiLuv - Priscilla: 1946 Ligts

۞ ________Top 5________ ۞


Leaglem - Phil: 2276 Ligts
FreeSpiritedGirl - Miu: 1691 Ligts
RisqueClique - Rhoslyn: 1607 Ligts
Zwei-tan - Irina: 1291 Ligts
SmoleyFace - Tilde: 1255 Ligts

Ligt Chart

For creepy life submissions, it goes this way:

Per one character
Sketch to line art — 4-7 Ligts
Full body drawing — 7-15 Ligts
Backgrounds — same standards above
Collaborations receive a 1.5x ligt multiplier. For example,
a full body image would yield 23 Ligts per guest (15x1.5)

Written entries — 1 Ligt per 100 words
Roleplay submissions are allowed, so long as they are neat and lengthy. Please include the correct word count per guest!

Activity submissions receive a 1.5x multiplier

Ligts are given depending on the effort for each piece, and the overall result and creativity >8D

Current Activities
More ways you can earn ligts!

Hiems Memes
Flash Games

Ligt Store
Spend your Ligts!

- You may gift your Ligts to other guests
- You may sell services for Ligts


Hiems Mansion Directory

The group is OPEN !
Please consider donating to help us continue being a Super Group!

If you're interested in us, stop by our chatroom and meet the guests of Hiems Mansion early - we'd love to see you! Intruders are welcome to roleplay in the chatroom to get used to this creepy place~

Hiems Mansion RP group Application by Leaglem

Guest of the Week

Guest of the Week

This week's guest is...

HM: Tilde by SmoleyFace
Species: Fire Elemental
Likes:Fire, Heat, Jokes/Gags (It's a weakness), Serious matters, Trees, People saying she is serious (even though she isn't she just tries to be. Why? Find out ;) )
Dislikes: People saying she isn't serious, HER HAIR CONSTANTLY BURSTING INTO FLAME, People breathing down her neck weirdly, Wearing skin tight shirts
Owner: SmoleyFace


Submitting art of the guest featured here will result in a 1.5 multiplier in ligts! The ligt booster only lasts for two weeks after the feature.

Guests are randomly chosen from the four lovely features showcased in each weekly update located under weekly features. Strive to be featured on the journals and you might just be picked :evillaugh:


:bulletpurple: All the activities in this group are optional. This means that you can choose which activities you wish to do, and which ones you don't. YET, you need to submit at least ONE piece every 3 months to stay in the group. Activity is important.

:bulletpurple: If the event submissions are not good enough, we can and will apply that when we give you the Ligts. This way, you earn more if we see you really put effort on your submissions... or less if we see you did it lazily.

:bulletpurple: The powers of your OCs are useless in many places in the mansion. Don't be surprised if a Ghost can't pass through a wall.

:bulletpurple: Please create a folder for Hiems Mansion in your gallery, this will be helpful!

:bulletpurple: If you see a mistake somewhere the group, please tell us~ (we are humans... possibly >8D)

By joining the group you:

:bulletgreen: Give all the members of the group permission to draw your character :>
That's what this is about, huh?


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DeadSalesman Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I submitted an app but it expired. Should I resubmit it?
Leaglem Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
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